Bathroom Liners

2Relico Bath Tub Liners

2Relico manufactures and installs a number of styles and options for tubliners, including The Wave, Each piece is made with easy-to-clean, Microban-infused Luxsan acrylic that will maintain its appearance for years to come. Tubliners fit over your existing tub, saving you the cost of the removal of your old tub. With this unique process, there is no demloition ,no mess, most tub liner can be installed in as little as 2-3 hours and ready to use the next day! luxury bath offer eight different fronts that you can upgrade to.

Your new bath liner luxury bath is the only bath remodeling company to offer LUX-Bond this new installation method is head and shoulders above the old sticky black tape method called {butyl} still used today by other bath remodeling companies.

How we do it? With a series of measurements and a photo luxury bath can tell who the original manufacture of your old bath tub was from there we pull one of our 1,400 molds and create a tub that’s custom made for you. The color style it’s all up to you !

All luxury bath liners come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home! Every bathtub liner is factory checked prior to shipping to ensure the highest quality only leaves our factory! 2Relico has been making bath liners since 1988 and with rigorous research & development we have been taking the bath liner industry to new heights with the highest quality acrylics and the best installation available, if you do your homework and research we are sure that only one bath liner company will be left and that company will be 2Relico.