Q: Is The Estimate ‘FREE’?
A:  Of course it is here is how we normally  handle a ‘free estimate’

We will set up a time and a date that is convenient  for you and anyone else you would like to have at the consultation. Our trained designer will walk you through the process of selecting the colors and styles that complement your existing bathroom fixtures. After you have made you selection our designer will process your order and usually within 2-4 weeks you new bath products will arrive we will call you to set up a date for the installation of your new luxury bath system. Our factory trained technician will  arrive in the am the and work throughout the day, they will take great care and pride of the installation of you new luxury bath system after your new bath is complete they will ask you to come in and inspect your new luxurious bath makeover.

Q: Who is luxury bath?
A:  2Relico has been manufacturing acrylic bath surfaces since 1988, with leading edge innovations coupled with rigorous research and development . Luxury’s on going commitment to bring new colors and styles to complement today’s custom bath remodels. Luxury is the very best at bringing to the market new and fresh ideas that is why luxury bath stands as the industry leader.  

Q:  Why Should I choose 2Relico?
A:  2Relico has a wide selection of colors and offer many styles like tile patterns, marbles, slates, we are sure you will find something that is exactly THE look you want for
bath remodel. Mix and match your bathroom to your imagination! 

Q: How long will it take to remodel my bath?
Usually it just takes one day to remodel your bathroom but this depends on the work your are having done of course larger jobs will take longer but we are sure you will be please with the results of your new bath makeover. But once we start we are at your project until it is complete and your are fully satisfied! 

Q: What is  lux-bond  & microban?
 LUX-BOND was created by luxury bath . most other bath liner companies use a “squishy” two sided tape to install their acrylic tub liners! LUXURY came up with the concept of mixing a four part adhesive that is poured between the two tubs and fills the spaces and air pockets to ensure that the new tub is a perfect fit every time then LUX-BOND hardens like a rock!!

MICROBAN international is the global leader in built in anti microbial protection. Luxury bath systems is an ‘exclusive licensee for the north American acrylic tub and wall industry { you wont find microban built in to any other liner band in north America. WHAT MICROBAN does , inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause stains and odors making your tub easier to clean and keep its cleaner between cleanings.

Q: Do Luxury Bath Products Have A Warranty?
A: YES!!! All 2Relico products come with limited lifetime warranty. How can we do this? We can offer this because we know we have the highest quality acrylics and are quite sure that you will agree. 

Q: Everyone says they have the best acrylics, how do I know?
Simple obtain a sample of material from any other company and when 2Relico comes to your house for the shop at home service we can put the samples side by side and then you will be able to see the difference for yourself.  

Q: Can I install it myself ?
Well most likely, No. We have years experience, tools and training.