Shower Remodeling

When It’s Time To Remodel Your Shower 2Relico Has The Solution

Acrylic Replacement Shower Bases 2Relico offers a full line of replacement shower pans if you are thinking of replacing your bathtub with  a shower [ Tub to Shower Conversion] or just replacing your old fiberglass shower unit with a  new acrylic luxury shower.  We have  shower remodeling  products for all .walk In showers ,stand up showers, ADA Complainant showers , Small shower stalls, Neo-angle  , for a truly custom shower

Add some of our shower accessories like  shower seats , security bars , shower caddies , shower doors.

Luxury Shower Solutions

Many one piece fiberglass units look good when new , but as soon as their shiny microthin gel coating wears off, and they start looking Old And Worn.

The solution is a high gloss, acrylic system from 2Relico . It’s on porous and won’t chip dent crack or peel .

Our installers can incorporate your bath’s current features such as windows with new decorative trim.

you can customize your shower with accessories , and even carry the new and improved look to the rest of your bathroom with our Exclusive Acrylic  Wainscoting for a total new shower remodel

Remember when it’s time to remodel choose 2Relico!